Business established in Genoa since 1947

Donato. A name and a reality

with 60 years of

experience in international trade

 Alcoholic beverages, wines, food specialities

and consumables

Since 1947, Donato has been synonymous with seriousness and proven

experience in international trade


In-depth knowledge of international markets and the high level of commercial relations

reinforced over years of business, now characterise Donato as a reliable

and certain point of reference in international trade of alcoholic beverages, selected wines,

beauty products and perfumes, gastronomic products and products for the home.


From founder Giovanni Battista to his son Antonino, the tradition continues,

against the backdrop of Genoa, which has made trade its beating heart.

From its original ship chandling business, Donato has managed to evolve, over the years,

into an increasingly complete, excellent, and widespread business, reaching the point of offering services as an increasingly global trader: buying and selling selected and exclusive products

around the world, both to the final customer and to the retail channel.

Ongoing research and in-depth study of all international markets, the ability to balance

values of demand and offer, and direct knowledge of shipping companies

are solid and concrete values that allow Donato to manage and successfully conclude

each type of order and product.

Donato Import Export

Donato manages import and export activities in reference to markets all over the world.

Management of the process is global, from creating the order to developing logistics, from preparing documentation to progressing in relations with the shipping companies.


Donato offers its Clients an unobjectionable and excellent service in acquiring a vast assortment of products and supplying them at favourable and competitive prices.

Existing collaborations with important international groups in the sector have allowed Donato, over time, to acquire consolidated references that are appreciated the world over.



Genoa Free-trade Zone

The beginning

Shipping, Logistic And Support Services

Donato has logistics facilities with warehouses to offer its Clients an efficient and complete service, in operative terms for EU and extra-EU goods and products.

Transporting products from one place to another, within the required times and in the required manner, always guaranteeing concrete efficiency and prompt organisation, managing the various

processes of exchanging data and the corresponding information are the key elements in an activity that Donato carries out every day thanks to the work of highly qualified and competent personnel, capable of carefully and capably managing every single delicate step.

Donato® Own Brands Distribution

And Development

After years of experience and travel throughout the world to discover exclusive products and brands, Donato has developed and manufactured a range of its own alcoholic beverages.

Aimed above all at the on trade market, Donato's exclusive products have been carefully created in terms of quality and aesthetic value, and are thus positioned at a noteworthy level on the specific market, while maintaining a competitive price compared to other products on offer on the market.

Dun Eideann, a range of prestigious malt whisky created by Donato, was one of the first brands on the international market, and one of the first products launched as an independent bottler.

Some of the most prestigious bottles are still sold at international auctions and acquired by collectors and connoisseurs from all over the world.

Duty Free - Ship Supplies

Established as a ship chandling company, Donato has worked, and continues to work, even in the supply of Italian and foreign Diplomatic Corps and Diplomatic Representatives.

Over time, and with the expansion and diversification of its business, Donato - as a trading company - was a pioneer in the Duty-Free sector, importing and exporting sought-after and exclusive products from and to the whole world.

Since 1970, the Company has extended its commercial activities to the free trade zones of Livigno and Samnaum, becoming one of the first Italian companies to operate on these special markets.


Donato® - Duty Free - Ship Supplies - Own Brands Distribution and Development Shipping, Logistic and Support Services

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